5 Hacks That Make The Most Of A Tiny Kitchen

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Tired of feeling cramped in the kitchen? Let your small kitchen work big by maximizing the space you have, reducing clutter, and staying organized. These clever methods can easily transform your kitchen into more spacious feeling room — you won’t believe the huge impact such little tweaks can have! Make the most of your small kitchen with these space saving and space amplifying hacks.

Opt For Glass Front Cabinets

If you are remodeling your small kitchen, give your cabinets a fresh feel by adding a few glass front cabinet doors. Glass gives depth to the room and adds a touch of airiness that opens up a small space. This style works best when cabinet interiors are kept tidy, since clutter can make the space look crowded. Instead of stuffing them with mismatched mugs and dishes, consider glass front cabinets as an opportunity to display special items, like antique crystal wine glasses or a favorite pottery platter collection. These personal elements add functional décor and help pull your eye around the room. In addition to glass front doors, be sure to add as much cabinetry as possible for storage. The experts at The RTA Store can help you maximize the space you have with our free design service.

Go Light And Bright

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Create a more spacious appearance by keeping your color scheme light and bright. White is a classic yet contemporary color choice for kitchens. White cabinets match everything, while being the perfect neutral base for small pops of color. Since white reflects light, it can make your room seem larger than it actually is. In addition to white cabinets, opt for light countertops, walls, floors, and backsplash tile and crisp white molding, baseboards, and ceilings. Decorating with white creates a seamless space, but be sure to use different shades and textures to keep the room lively and to add visual interest.

Hide The Trashcan

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or not, you can help create a streamlined space by taking the trashcan off the floor. By dedicating a space inside a base cabinet to store your trashcan, you create more floor space to maneuver around the room obstruction-free, making for a better flow. You will also keep unpleasant sights and smells hidden behind closed doors. Choose from a trash can slide out to keep trash out of site.

Let The Sunshine In

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Natural light is great for any space. It fills the room with warmth and can help give the illusion of square footage. But not everyone is lucky enough to have an open concept kitchen or even a simple single window above the kitchen sink.  If you lack a natural light source in your small kitchen, you can still maximize light with chandeliers, pendant fixtures, under cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting in the ceiling. If you do have a window or two, keep window treatments minimal to let the sunshine in.

Slim Down Your Furnishings

Scale your furniture to fit your square footage! You wouldn’t want a huge farmhouse dining table and oversized chairs squashed in a small space. The furniture you choose should be the appropriate size to maximize the area while still being functional. If you can’t fit that large built-in kitchen island you crave, consider a smaller-scale portable island or cart that can be rolled in and out when needed.

Like we mentioned before, little tweaks can make a huge difference!

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